Covid-19’s Lingering Effects On Students And Academics

Covid-19’s Lingering Effects On Students And Academics

When the pandemic hit us in 2020, it led to the closure of schools, colleges and every educational institute all across the globe. Due this every country had to switch its mode to online learning and for almost 2 years, students attended their classes and wrote exams from the comfort of their homes. This completely ruined the significance of exams and evaluations because students could give their exams from their respective homes, which meant no invigilation of any kind whatsoever. Education had certainly taken a backseat during the global pandemic.

The online mode of learning was not a blessing in disguise for students

As someone who just graduated college, I would say it literally changed the entire system of learning and education.

Students could get away with their exams without even studying and also end up securing really good grades. The competition that used to be there between the students significantly died down. And all everyone cared about was to just somehow complete their degree and get rid of it. Among everything happening in the world, the importance of education somewhat died out.

The enthusiasm and interest to learn a new topic also got ruined. And the students who were actually studying, sort of lost their zeal. This was solely due to the fact that every student was evaluated in a similar manner. Everyone nearly got the same grades and there was no competition of any kind. The online mode took away the commitment that the students had before and made learning very dull and uninteresting.

 Students And Academics

The harm caused by the pandemic goes beyond academics

The academics is not the only part that affected the students. Many of them lost their loved ones and family members. The pandemic also caused some of them to go under total isolation. These things not only affected the child’s mental health, but also the social and emotional well-being.

Since time immemorial, a child has been brought up in a way where they are able to socialise, communicate with everyone around them. School being a very integral part of child’s personality development. But since the pandemic hit, a child was brought up in total isolation. This led to the concerning behaviours and mental health conditions in children.

Concluding, the pandemic had numerous severe effects on everyone across the world. But it definitely did affect the students on a large scale. Education, mental health and personality development being the most prevailing areas. The major part of a student’s entire life is dependent on these certain areas and having them disrupted is a very difficult sight for every parent and guardian out there.